Saturday, August 27, 2011

As you know, Ted and Sharon's baby will be born any day, and their new house is contaminated with mold and must be repaired in order to be inhabitable. At the moment, they are essentially homeless. The repairs will cost at least $25,000. This house is their nest and they can not live there until this work is done.

In the past, communities got together for barn raising events when a family needed shelter. Perhaps our contemporary version of barn raising is coming together as a support community through facebook.

Ted has 561 friends on facebook, and Sharon has close to the same number. Many of us are friends with both Ted and Sharon, so let's use 561 for doing the math. If 561 of us each sent Ted and Sharon $40 we could raise $22,440 in a week. If each of us went out for a nice dinner this week, we'd spend at least $40. If we skipped the dinner, we could repair Ted and Sharon's house!

How many of us say, 'I love Ted'...'I love Sharon'. It's so easy to talk about community....let's BE one.



  1. I hope you can get all of this taken care of as quickly as possible.

  2. I am organizing a Benefit Show for Sharon Picasso & Ted Roseen at The Eagles34 in South Minneapolis on Sunday September 25. Who wants to perform? The Betsies will! Please contact me Beth Pyper-Holz , here on facebook or at my email